Kiss my purple heart.


I am Ash Ketchum. I'm 23.

Crown Heights, Brooklyn.



Life's too short to not let me know how you feel..

Those pity parties you throwing for yourself…

Don’t invite me no more because I’m not showing up. You made me out to be such a bad person when really you was just conducting a game this whole time. I’m done. I’m a good ass person and I don’t deserve any of the shit I go through, especially this time. I’m getting older and I’m going to be happy one way or another. Yesterday is gone, today is a new day. No more bullshit.

Just fuck it all.

Goodnight everyone!

So hold up….

You posting about a whole bunch of ppl but you mad at me tho? Tuh. I’m out tumblr may never see me again ✌️ smh

Anonymous: I really like that u were feeling confident and went on a selfie spree^.^ i hope you feel that way forever and take so many selfies that ur phone runs out of space.

Thank you soooooo much! I just wish you wasn’t on anon so I could have a convo with you. I love people that build me up and I wanna build you up right back. ^___^

thephrenology: You don't hit me up either!! =(

Watch ima text you and you not gonna reply lol

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